5 Useful homeschooling websites for homeschoolers

Useful online websites for homeschooling


In today’s post, I will be writing on Useful online websites for homeschooling, you can visit them to get the homeschooling curriculum or other homeschooling resources for free. All the websites am going to list on this homeschooling post are not affiliated, which means I will not get a penny from any of the listed homeschooling websites if you used them.

Am going to list all the following homeschooling websites here in this post so you can get some homeschooling curriculum free, homeschooling schedule, and also some homeschooling resources free.

Below are some of the useful online websites for homeschooling you can use as a homeschooling parent or homeschooling teacher to get a free homeschooling curriculum and resources.

1. Maateach homeschool

Maateach homeschool is a homeschooling website where you can get hundreds of homeschooling resources for free, maateach homeschool also sells some resources at an affordable price.

In Maateach homeschool you can download unlimited free worksheets pdf and flashcards to print at home, most maateach homeschool pdfs are A4 size.

Maateach homeschool has tracing worksheets, fill-in-the-blank worksheets, homeschooling planners, different categories of flashcards, maths worksheets, and much more.

2. Simple homeschool


Simple homeschool share great homeschooling resources for any teacher or parent
They share educational articles, homeschooling curriculum, and tips for homeschoolers.

3. Khan Academy

This is one of the popular educational sites that have thousands of free online lessons and exercises on different topics and subjects

4. Nasa


Nasa offered free educational articles for students, teachers, and parents, they also share educational activities, videos, and games for students K1-12 on topics related to space exploration

5. Exploratorium
This is also a great website that you as a homeschooler can visit and get free activities, videos, printables, and other online homeschool resources like topics on maths, and science

I hope this post will be useful to you in one way or the other.

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