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7 ways on how to be a better homeschool mom


better homeschool mom

Hi, guys! Welcome to toddler education where I post weekly posts on Homeschool strategies. In today’s post am going to be sharing with you how to be a better homeschool mom.

be a mother and a teacher

Be a mother and also a teacher

If you want to be a better Homeschool mom, be a mother when doing activities at home, also you need to be a teacher too if you do the homeschool activities. Let the kids know that there is a difference when doing Educational activities and when you’re teaching them, this will facilitate the teaching and learning process.

Be a mother and also a teacher


schedule all your activities

As a mother and a teacher, time is very important to you. This will help you achieve the most out of all that you are doing. Time is precious, so make sure you scheduled your everyday activities if it’s time for lessons, just teach your kids and other activities at home, I think this will help you;


I remembered the day I started homeschool with my two kids; I teach and cook, and that didn’t work because whenever I went out to check my cooking, the kids will start doing something that I don’t want. Therefore, schedule your activities from the beginning.

dos and don`t

know how to control your kids during school hours

For any teaching and learning to be successful there must be a classroom discipline and management, if you are in the class where you are teaching your kids, tell them DOs and DON’T, this will really help you capture their attention easily and also this will help them take what you are teaching them seriously.

instructional media

Always use media when teaching your kids.

Instructional media helps make your explanation easier, when you use institutional media it Will helps your kids to understand 50% of what you are teaching him, her, or them.


know how to evaluate your kid’s performance.

Evaluation guide in promoting, placement, and grouping of students, encourages study habits. Evaluation helps you identify your kid’s strengths and weaknesses, this will help you know that whether you need to maintain this method of teaching and instructional media. The evaluation also provides feedback to the child, that child will know how he performs and will try next time.


Reward and punishment

Always use reward and punishment, this will add value to what you’re teaching and helps the kids to work harder. If they did the right thing, give them something that will impress them, sometimes you don’t give them something, even praising and clapping is ok, likewise if they did something wrong punish them but remember not corporal punishment.

REINFORCEMENT4 kindergarten worksheets pdf4 kindergarten worksheets pdf


Reinforce a child to strengthen the behavior you want. It’s better to find ways of reinforcing a child than to punish him. to be a better homeschool mom is better to find different ways of reinforcing your child than to punish him or her.

So that’s how to be a better homeschool mom, If you have questions let me know in the comment section below.

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