Homeostasis is the maintenance of stable condition in the internal environment. Cells become specialized for maintenances of the internal environment. Specialized cells evolved into tissue, organs, and physical system. Organs are made up of tissue which are then made-up of cells.


Homeostasis is the act of keeping the internal environment of a living organism within an acceptable range of condition. Homeostasis control blood volume, blood sugar level, temperature, PH, oxygen levels and other conditions. Negative feedback control homeostasis.

Negative feedback: Negative feedback keeps the condition out of the normal range. As the condition exceeds the limit of the normal range hormones regulate the condition. This is mostly often control by hypothalamus of the brain.

Positive feedback: positive feedback takes the condition out of the normal range. Example: During labor oxytocin increases contraction, which stimulate more oxytocin production until birth occurs.

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