Kindergarten worksheets pdf

How to teach with kindergarten worksheets pdf

Kindergarten worksheets pdf

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Kindergarten worksheets pdf math


This Kindergarten worksheets pdf math is perfect for a Homeschool classroom. Just start the lesson by singing or showing a video clip that applies to the lesson to capture the attention of the kids. Then teach them simple addition, show them the simplest way of solving addition.



You can ask them to use their fingers and add the numbers together. 5+2=8 you can ask them to raise their 5 fingers from one hand first, then raise their 2 fingers from the other hand, after that ask them to count all the numbers together. For the easiest way to make them understand what you are teaching them, you as a teacher can raise your fingers together with the children. After all this demonstration, then give the kids Kindergarten worksheets pdf math to work on.

Kindergarten worksheets pdf math can be addition worksheets, or subtraction worksheets, depending on the level of the kids. But in today’s post am giving you free simple addition Kindergarten worksheets pdf math to download and use for your kids.

Click the link below to download Kindergarten worksheets pdf math for free.




The children will learn the

Mathematical signs,

How to use addition to count

Kindergarten worksheets pdf

This is a must-have Kindergarten worksheets pdf for Homeschool teachers. Kindergarten worksheets pdf helps a toddler to concentrate fully on what you are teaching them.

Kindergarten worksheets pdf can be English Kindergarten worksheets pdf, math or any other subject that pre-K, kindergarten, or K1 are offering.

In this post am giving out tracing Kindergarten worksheets pdf to download for free and use it for educational purpose only.

Click the link below to download these worksheets.

Tracing kindergarten worksheets pdf


The children will recognize the alphabet and learn how to write them.

Prekindergarten worksheets pdf

Prekindergarten worksheets pdf are also known as preschool worksheets pdf, which you can use to teach your little toddler at home before going to public school or starting Homeschool.

You can download some of these Pre kindergarten worksheets PDFs HERE for free because has designed many of these Pre kindergarten worksheets pdf.

Kindergarten addition worksheets pdf

Kindergarten addition worksheets pdf are simple addition worksheets for kindergarten, these worksheets enable a kindergarten child to add the sum of two different numbers.

The example of how you can teach kindergarten simple addition is on (1.1)

Click HERE to download these Kindergarten addition worksheets pdf for free.


The children will recognize addition sign and know how to solve simple addition whenever they see this sign

Kindergarten subtraction worksheets pdf


Kindergarten subtraction worksheets pdf are simple subtraction for kindergarten after a child has fully understood what addition means, and how to solve addition or to add two different numbers. Then that child is introduced to subtraction.
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Thus Kindergarten subtraction worksheets PDFs will help you as a teacher to teach kindergarten simple subtraction and use these Kindergarten subtraction worksheets pdf to evaluate them.

Click HERE to download these Kindergarten subtraction worksheets pdf.

4 kindergarten worksheets pdf


The children will recognize subtraction signs and know how to solve simple subtraction.

How I used to teach kindergarten simple subtraction.

I didn’t mention this under subtraction worksheets, but let me tell you how I teach my students simple subtraction in steps.

Step 1.

After an introduction, I write the topic on the board in case of using the board, I then show them the subtraction sign using flashcards.

Step 2

I used to tell my pupils the difference between the addition sign and subtraction sign and remind them how to solve addition and the differences when solving both the two.

Step 3.

I now write the question on the board example 3-2= then raise my 3 fingers.

Step 4.

I then ask them to raise their fingers too.

Step 5.

I explain to them and show them the number we raise our fingers for, then I remove 2 fingers by folding the fingers (we usually did this together) and ask them to tell me the number of remaining fingers.

I repeat this method as many times as I can to make sure all the kids understand what I’m doing and why am doing it, including the slow learners.


All the above worksheets can be used to teach kindergarten, and you can use some of these worksheets can teach preschool.

Always ask the kids to use their fingers to count. This will help you capture their attention when calculating and each child will be involved.

Do not forget to grade or mark your kid’s work after they are done with their excellent work to motivate them.

All worksheets on this site are free to use for educational purposes and non-commercial only. If you find it helpful, share this article with your friends, family, and colleagues.

Those are free and paid printable worksheets for your kids If you have questions let me know in the comment section below.

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