plant physiology

6 Important topics in plant physiology

Important topics in plant physiology

In today’s post, we are going to write on important topics in plant physiology. As a student, you can use these topics to study for exams in order to score more marks. It will also help teachers when teaching plant physiology. In fact, these topics can help in the teaching and learning process.

I write this post specifically for the sake of the assignment given to us. I know it’ll help. Before, I decided to post it on WhatsApp, but I suppose it might be useful to someone in a feature.

From my experience, I think the following topics are the most important topics in plant physiology.

plant physiology

plant physiology topics

1. photosynthesis:

✓Light reaction (light dependent reaction)

✓Dark reaction (light Independent reaction)

✓photosynthetic Membranes & organelles

✓Mechanism of electron transform

✓Photoprotective mechanism

plant physiology

2. Respiration:

✓ ATP synthase

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3. Plant Nutrition:

✓processes of nutrition in plant

✓The function of nutritions in plant

✓uptake of nutrients

✓Nutrient deficiency

plant physiology

4. Seed germination: have the following subtopics:

✓Germination rate and germination capacity

✓Light stimulated germination

✓pollen germination

✓spore germination

plant physiology

5. plant hormone: plant hormones also have subtopics:

✓hormones and plant propagation

✓Classes of hormones and their function

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5. plant water relation: under plant water relation there are:

✓Absorptions of water and ascent of SAP

✓The physiology of potassium in crop production

✓Transport of water in a plant

✓plant responses to limited moisture and phosphorus availability.

✓structure-function relationship in Sapwood water transport and storage.

✓Water potential

✓Osmotic pressure

✓Loss of water by evaporation from the leaves

✓Gradients in hydrostatic pressure

✓Turgor pressure



✓Affecting Factors of Diffusion

6. Stress physiology.

Under stress physiology, there are subtopics these include:

√ Stomata opening

√ Heat stress and heat shock

Other topics of plant physiology includes:

1. Tropism

2. Nastic movement

3. Circadian rhym

4. Photo-morphogenesis and

5. Photoperiodism.

That’s all about important topics in plant physiology. We will discuss each topic in feature. Thank you.

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