Wonderful day kid's story

Kid’s story; wonderful day

Wonderful day

Wonderful day kid's story

Aminatu and Abdullah’s wonderful day started like many others.
“Let’s play with bowls!” bellowed Aminatu.
“Oh yes, and then with balls!” whooped Abdullah.
“Is today a special day?” asked Aminatu.
“It’s the day of the great Ukelele Convention!” yelled Abdullah.


That’s not dreamy!” sighed Aminatu.
“Cripes! People cannot stop sneezing!” said Abdullah.
“What could have caused this strange thing?” exclaimed Aminatu.
“Huh,” whined Abdullah.
“We must find help with this puzzling mystery!” wailed Aminatu.
“Yup!” said Abdullah.


“Is that your horse poo?” quizzed Aminatu.
“Really, it’s really odd!” shouted Abdullah.
After a thundering thump, a fairy shot out of the horse poo.
“Greetings Aminatu and Abdullah, I am Ammar the Trader fairy!” bellowed the fairy.
“Mr. Trash and the trashers have stolen my magic jade and are messing things up!” screamed Ammar.


“Darn, they are some very nutty antics those trashers are pulling!” whined Ammar.
“Those trashers are disguised and keeping people waiting on the phone!” gasped Ammar.
“Ho ho! That showed that crazy fairy!” said one of the trashers


Take a gander of that, it’s the trashers with the magic jade over there!” wailed Aminatu.
Aminatu used a lasso to grab back the magic jade.
“Good work!” cheered Ammar.


“You two have crushed the trashers and their rotten plan to wreck the Ukelele Convention!” yelled Ammar the Trader fairy.
“You bet, and I hope Mr. Trash and those gross trashers have learnt their lesson!” bellowed Abdullah.
The fire eater really made the Ukelele Convention a breathtaking success!


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