List of animals and their sounds for kids

List of animals and their sounds for kids

Sounds of animals

Today, in this post, we are going to write about the sounds of animals. Sounds of animals for kids.

The benefits of teaching the sound of animals to children are:

1. It helps kids to know the unfamiliar sounds of animals
2. It helps kids to identify different animals
3. It helps kids to differentiate between animals at home and at school.
4. It helps kids to be familiar with the surrounding animals.

Get Sound of an animals lesson plan HERE

sound of animals

Now let’s list the animals and their sounds.

1. Cat. Meow
2. Cow Moo
3. Frog. Croak.
4. Bear. Growl.
5. Elephant Trumpet
6. Donkey. Haw.
7. Dog. Woof.
8. Mouse. Squeak.

9. Lion. Roar.
10. Fish. Splosh.
11. Sheep. Baaaah.
12. Pig. Oink.
13. Bee. Buzz.
14. Tiger.
15. Rabbit. Herr.
16. Bat. Screech.
17. Camel. Grunt.
18. Bull. Bellow.
19. Donkey. Bray.
20. Lamb. Bleat.
21. Chicken. Cluck.
22. Cock. Crow.
23. Cricket. Chirp.
24. Crow. Caw.
25. Dolphin. Click.
26. Dove. Coo.
27. Goat. Bleat.
28. Duck. Quack.
29. Fox. Yelp.
30. Goose. Cackle.
31. Hippopotamus. Growl.
32. Horse. Whinny.
33. Bird. Whistle.
34. Kangaroo. Chortle.
35. Monkey. Chatter.
36. Mosquito. Whine.
37. Wolf. Howl.
38. Owl. Hoot.


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