7 preschool worksheet packet pdf

7 preschool worksheet packet pdf

7 preschool worksheet packet pdf

7 must-have preschool worksheet packet pdf for your Homeschool preschool

Printable worksheets are important in Homeschool activities, below are 7 preschool worksheet packet pdf worksheets that help you achieve the most out of the teaching and learning process.

When using printable worksheets, I suggest you shouldn’t attach all the worksheets together, because sometimes kids can  be tire of using these worksheets. Try giving them 1 worksheet at a time.

Below are the 7 must-have printable worksheets that would help you enjoy teaching your child at home.

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1.Printable worksheets for preschoolers

These worksheets are pretty good for your Homeschooling, I found these printable helpful when I started Homeschool with my little one. I think they’re 99 printable pages, there are tracing worksheets, coloring, and other printable for fun and learning.

2. Pre K printable workbook, color by number worksheets

This is a must-have printable worksheet for your little preschool kid, these worksheets are pretty good for teaching a child different activities, they are essential for the teaching and learning process.

3. The ultimate preschool curriculum.

This is the best curriculum I recommend you to be using for your toddler, it will help your kid to explore their environment and other activities.

4. Alphabet-letter tracing and learning colors

You can have your copy with a little money, I could remember it’s less than $15, and am sure you will enjoy teaching your kids using these printable worksheets.

5. Coloring printables.

These worksheets are cheap to download and use for educational purposes only, your kids will learn to color objects, and the suitable thing I like in this pdf it begins from simple to complex, I believe this will give your kids the opportunity to learn step by step.

6. Number tracing worksheets for preschool.

These are 11 worksheets that will allow your kids to trace and recognize numbers from 1 to 10. These worksheets are good and free, I included pictures that enable a child to learn on his own.

4 kindergarten worksheets pdf

7. Five Senses Worksheet

This worksheet will also help your kids to recognize their sense of organs. It is also pretty good for teaching parts of the body.

Do not forget to grade or mark your kid’s work after they are done with their excellent work to motivate them.


All worksheets on this site are free to use for educational purposes and non-commercial only. If you find it helpful, share this article with your friends, family, and colleagues.

Those are free and paid printable worksheets for your kids If you have questions let me know in the comment section below.

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